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I'm a Newbie

Yes.  I am a newbie.

1. Name - Kayla
2. Age- 16
3. Sex - I have a cunt.
4. Marital Status - Kind of Single, kind of Not.
5. Sexual Orientation - Strait. I love my boys.
6. Birthdate - March 2nd, 1989
7. Location - Haverhill and Merrimac Massachusetts.
8. Grade - I should be a junior, but I left last year.
9. Religion - Agnostic.
10. Ethnicity - White.
11. School - None.
12. Siblings - I have three brothers(Joey 19, Andy 13, and Hunter 3) and one Sister(Skye 5)
13. Pets - My Bunny Iggy Pop, and my dog Whitey.
14. Eye Color - Brown
15. Hair Color - Auburnish
16. Piercings - 3 in one ear, 2 in the other, and my lip.
17. Tattoos - one on the back.

18. Top 5 Movies - A Clockwork Orange. Sid and Nancy. Alice in Wonderland. Willy Wonka. A Nightmare Before Christmas.
19. Top 5 Books - The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  A Clockwork Orange(more than the movie.).  It.  Carrie. Whispers.(Those are actully the only books I have ever read do to the fact I never have time to read.)
20. Top 10 Bands - The Adicts. The Misfits. X-Ray Spex.  Iggy Pop. Jonee Earthquake Band(local band). Crass. The Adverts.  The Virus. Oxymoron. The Adolescents.
21. Top 3 Songs - Iggy Pop-I Wanna Be Your Dog.  X-Ray Spex-Oh Bondage, Up Yours. The Adicts-You're All Fools.
22. Top 5 Friends - Nicole, Mally, Tiffy, Ashley, and Jason.

23. Favorite Place To Be - Shows.
24. Favorite Food - Salad
25. Favorite Drink- Coke.
26. Favorite Store - The Thrift Shop
27. Favorite Alcoholic Drink- Vodka
28. Favorite Drug - Marjuiana
29. Favorite Brand - Stuff I wear.
30. Favorite Article Of Clothing - My Skirt Jason made for me.

31. How do you feel about abortion? Pfft, I don't personally approve of it, but it is a gals choice.
32. How do you feel about cutting/self-harm? Gay.
33. How do you feel about smoking? I do it, so I guess it's okay?
34. How do you feel about drugs? It can be fun I guess.
35. How do you feel about drinking? Amazing.
36. How do you feel about premarital sex? What's not to feel about it? I hate it.  I love it.
37. How do you feel about suicide? Pfft.  very gay.
38. How do you feel about school? I hated it, now I miss it.
39. How do you feel about high school relationships? annoying.
40. How do you feel about same sex relationships/marriages? I think it should be legal.  I mean, if just as of opposite sex marriages.  People fall inlove, they should get married. 

41. Are you in love? Some what.
42. Do you believe you can be in love so young? Yes.
43. Have you ever been in love before? Yes.
44. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Kind of. We haven't made it offical yet.
45. If so, how long have you been dating? If it were offical we'd be going on about 4 months.  I know, not alot.

46. Do you smoke? Yes.
47. Do you drink? Yes.
48. Do you do drugs? Not as much as I use too.
49. Have you ever tried smoking? Yes.
50. Have you ever tried drinking? Yes.
51. Have you ever tried drugs? Yes.
52. Have you ever gotten drunk? Yes.
53. Have you ever gotten high? Yes.
54. Are you a virgin? I like sex on the beach.  Actully I really do.
55. Promote this community in three other journals/communites and give proof. _fcukenbitches.  mytoysarechaos. forsakenfreak.</span>

 I'm in the middle.

Yeah I posted alot of pics.  I have alot.  I'm sorry.  If I am accepted, I'll probably add more.


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