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im fuking new.. deal with it..

1. Name - Jessica (aka.. jesse, jekass, jess, jekasa)
2. Age- 15
3. Sex - yes please... im a chick
4. Marital Status - just got out of a relationship so im single
5. Sexual Orientation - strait!!!
6. Birthdate - september 2nd 1989
7. Location - los angeles california
8. Grade - 10th
9. Religion - Jew....
10. Ethnicity - russian
11. School - birmingham high skool
12. Siblings - sister... emily
13. Pets - ^^^^^^^^^
14. Eye Color - green
15. Hair Color - a mixture between red... and brown and orange..
16. Piercings - lip... navel.. ears
17. Tattoos - hmm...

18. Top 5 Movies - donnie darko, pulp fiction, fight club, welcom to the dollhouse, 200 cigarettes
19. Top 5 Books - the giver, the long hard road out of hell,  tuck everlasting, black boy, kurt cobain's biography
20. Top 10 Bands - ramones, the doors, the misfits, blondie, dead kennedys, clit 45, led zeppelin, black flag, crass, and the buzzcocks
21. Top 3 Songs - she's a sensation, spanish caravan, and sex and violence
22. Top 5 Friends - natalya, cristina, claudia, andy, and manny

23. Favorite Place To Be - claudia's casa
24. Favorite Food - SUSHI
25. Favorite Drink- root beer
26. Favorite Store - jet rag (1$ sale on sundays)
27. Favorite Alcoholic Drink- pantana
28. Favorite Drug - mary jane
29. Favorite Brand - the ramones
30. Favorite Article Of Clothing - my manson shirt thats like 5x's too big

31. How do you feel about abortion? pro choice

32. How do you feel about cutting/self-harm? whatever floats ur boat....... jsut dont take it too far
33. How do you feel about smoking? go for it!
34. How do you feel about drugs? sure y not... jsut dont shpoot up... or do anything way to crazy...
35. How do you feel about drinking? wen ur with friends.. not by urself/./..
36. How do you feel about premarital sex? if a condom is used!
37. How do you feel about suicide? its selfish and stupid
38. How do you feel about school? skool is good once in a while but its ok to ditch once in a while
39. How do you feel about high school relationships? u should have something to entertain urself with
40. How do you feel about same sex relationships/marriages? go for it.. i just dont wanna see it

41. Are you in love? nope
42. Do you believe you can be in love so young? yes
43. Have you ever been in love before? yes
44. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nope
45. If so, how long have you been dating?

46. Do you smoke?yes
47. Do you drink? yes
48. Do you do drugs?yes
49. Have you ever tried smoking?yes
50. Have you ever tried drinking?yes
51. Have you ever tried drugs?yes
52. Have you ever gotten drunk?yes
53. Have you ever gotten high?yes
54. Are you a virgin?no
55. Promote this community in three other journals/communites and give proof.

i will in the next entry

Please post at least three good (and by good I mean clear and visible) pictures of yourself.

i will in the next entry i ahve to get online my mom is pms ing

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