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I'm a newbie

My Application


♥ New Member Application ♥

1. Name - Bryan Beach
2. Age- 16
3. Sex - Male
4. Marital Status - Taken
5. Sexual Orientation - As Straight as they come
6. Birthdate - 3/14/88
7. Location - Wantagh, NY
8. Grade - 11th
9. Religion - Catholic
10. Ethnicity - White
11. School - MacArthur H.S.
12. Siblings - Sister, Danielle
13. Pets - fish, lucky
14. Eye Color - Green
15. Hair Color - Brown
16. Piercings - 0
17. Tattoos - 0

18. Top 5 Movies - Pulp Fiction, Back to the Future, My Cousin Vinny, Finding Nemo, Donnie Darko
19. Top 5 Books - Of Mice and Men, The Catcher in the Rye, Death of a Salesman, Shiloh, To Kill a Mockingbird
20. Top 10 Bands - Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Boston, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Jimi Hendrix experience, Linkin Park, The Who
21. Top 3 Songs - More than a feeling - Boston, Fade to Black - Metallica, Forgotten - Linkin Park
22. Top 5 Friends - Veronica, Rick, Mike, Chris, Austin

23. Favorite Place To Be - Either at a bowling alley or in my bedroom
24. Favorite Food - Chicken Parm w/ spaghetti or Baby Back ribs
25. Favorite Drink - Snapple Rasberry
26. Favorite Store - Bestbuy
27. Favorite Alcoholic Drink - ---
28. Favorite Drug - ---
29. Favorite Brand - Starter
30. Favorite Article Of Clothing - My pink floyd t-shirt

31. How do you feel about abortion? It's something that if you could have prevented a pregnancy like careless sex then aborting a pregnancy is wrong, but if it could not have been prevented like rape, it should be something that should be available. I believe you have to suffer the consequenses of your actions but if getting pregnant was forced upon ou then you should have that right.
32. How do you feel about cutting/self-harm? It' something that you should not do to yourself. But I know its very tought to control, and someone very close to me used to do it. I dont know how i feel about it, its never come upon me.
33. How do you feel about smoking? Smoking is like buying a stairway to your grave, a really long, painful staircase. And occasionally your invitng innocents to walk this staircase with you.
34. How do you feel about drugs? Same as smoking. Do you want to know why most drugs are illegal? Because they kill you. Quick highs only last for so long, you feel horrible after. Its stupid.
35. How do you feel about drinking? Underage drinking is wrong, its illegal, wait a few years then go out and drink. Drinking at a young age can only lead to worse things. Casual drinking with buddies, have fun. Couple of beers at a baseball game or watching football, cool. Drinking just to feel reckless and to get drunk, not cool.
36. How do you feel about premarital sex? Something that you could do only if you love someone. Sex is supposd to be intimate and romantic, something you share with a significant other, not for only pleasure.
37. How do you feel about suicide? Selfish and wrong... why do you think its illegal? Because youre not just hurting yourself but others... then there are legal matters and problems with beneficiaries and life insurance.
38. How do you feel about school? You need it, face it everyone. Grin and bear it. or bare it  im not sure. It will shape your future. It gives kids thing s to do and a place to be. I for one dont mind school.
39. How do you feel about high school relationships? If you have an attraction for someone, go right ahead. I think theyre great. Im in one, I think I found the one. You could too
40. How do you feel about same sex relationships/marriages? Im not really against it until you bring kids into it. For two females or for thatmatter to males to raise a child, the kid wont have a father figure or a mother figure in there life respectively. How would you like to screw up a kids life and have him/her wonder why he doesnt have a mommy or a daddy. It kills me

41. Are you in love? Yes
42. Do you believe you can be in love so young? Yes
43. Have you ever been in love before? Not before now
44. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yes
45. If so, how long have you been dating ? over 5 months

46. Do you smoke? no
47. Do you drink? no
48. Do you do drugs? no
49. Have you ever tried smoking? no
50. Have you ever tried drinking? no
51. Have you ever tried drugs? no
52. Have you ever gotten drunk? no
53. Have you ever gotten high? no
54. Are you a virgin? I like Sex on the Beach

My Computer is being gay

Ill get pictures up as soon as i can

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you're sitting next to me and i just typed this all out and yeah i'm not doing it again. you know what i like (example = your ass) and you know what i don't like (example = your opinion on suicide) but hey i still love you dude. and well you're a moderator so you could just go on and except yourself.

that's for your own enjoyment. love you <3

I know that I'm not in this community and that you don't know who I am, but I'd just like to say that two parents of the same gender is better than only one parent. Plenty of kids grow up with only one parent, and I think that would fuck you up more.
I'm not in this community, but your answers were great!!!

By the way, are you sXe?!?!